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Our System Status is a real-time view of the performance and up-time of our email apps and services. If you’re a customer, please bookmark this page and check back if you experience a service disruption.



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Cloud Backupozhosting_tick9:00 AM AEST
Control Panelsozhosting_tick9:00 AM AEST
Hosted Exchangeozhosting_tick9:00 AM AEST
Hosted SharePointozhosting_errorUSP1211811:00 PM AEST
Virtual Serversozhosting_tick9:00 AM AEST
Website Hostingozhosting_tick9:00 AM AEST
Control Panelsozhosting_tick9:00 AM AEST
Networkozhosting_tick9:00 AM AEST
Phone Systemozhosting_tick9:00 AM AEST

* You’ll find an explanation of events by clicking on the listed Event ID Number listed above.

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ozhosting_tickSystem is Operating Normaly
ozhosting_errorSystem has upcoming Scheduled Maintenance
ozhosting_crossSystem has an Unscheduled Outage

Experiencing an interruption?

Please contact our team if you believe that your are experiencing service interruptions as a result of our system.


Nothing makes business-owners more concerned than the fear that valuable email history of conversations, contracts or commitments has been inadvertently deleted or even maliciously destroyed by someone inside their business. Email archiving & Backup is incredibly inexpensive protection.

Email providers are expected to have email backups to recover the entire email platform in the event there is a hardware failure that involves data loss. Most likely the data held is no older than 48 hours. When data is lost from a mailbox, generally the company is trying to recover data that was deleted from the mailbox weeks or even months ago.

1 in 5 Email Accounts are hacked or lost, ensure your business continuity and protect your data today!

Your email backup can only be access by you via your OzHosting account.  We have proper security policies in place to ensure that your files are protected from unauthorized access.

Our support team are able to setup your email backup or archiving service for a one-off professional service fee of $25.00. This setup service also includes a 15 minute basic training session with our support team to walk you through the tools now available to you.

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